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A full, constantly updated library of aromatic ingredients sourced all over the world provides the staples to assemble, disassemble and reassemble all sorts of foods or drinks. We can create all the tasting or olfactory experiences we go through in our daily life and we never fail to impress and understand our clients’ requirements, always one step ahead.

Powder flavour

Micro-incapsulation flavour

Emulsion flavour

Water-soluble liquid flavour

Lipo-soluble liquid flavour

Distillates flavour

Smoke natural flavour

FTNF flavour


Bio-organic flavour

Halal flavour

Kosher flavour

Caro utente ti invitiamo a prendere visione del progetto NBA che la nostra azienda sta sviluppando.

Dear user, we invite you to view the NBA project to which our company is working on.